“Every once in awhile you run into one of those things that just really makes sense – it fits with what you are seeing. OBI is one of those things! The principles of OBI opened my eyes to the way God designed our chewing system. OBI gave me the tools and confidence to be able to diagnose early problems as well as restore the difficult cases. ”
Gary Sanchez, DDS
“My staff and I take extreme pride in being a part of the OBI family. I’ve practiced 28 years and have just now found the people who make dentistry challenging and exciting again. I see this training as being the culmination of my dental education. ”
Daryl Ruby, DDS Fresno, California
“I had been out of dental school for only four years and was losing interest in the "single tooth" type of dentistry. I wanted more from dentistry and was searching for a program that could give me the answers I was looking for. I attended an OBI annual conference to find out more and was hooked from the start. It has been an incredible journey that has not only answered my questions about the masticatory system, occlusion, TMD, and complex restorative cases; it has also given me new energy, excitement and confidence in dentistry that I didn’t realize was possible. To be able to help a person achieve a stable comfortable, functional chewing system based on biologic principles is truly incredible. I consider the opportunity to learn from the best in dentistry a gift that my patients and myself will be forever thankful for. ”
Amy Kinney
“The handful of dentists that have been given this gift of knowledge, conceived by Dr. Lee and advanced by Dr. Wold and his support staff, are indeed a privileged few. The knowledge is powerful in it s simplicity and truthfulness and enables dentists to restore debilitated mouths to a state of natural beauty and health never before possible. My patients and I will be forever thankful. ”
Vincent T. Saracco, DDS Troy, New York
“I have always loved dentistry and the wonderful services and care we provide for our patients. My excitement for dentistry has increased tremendously since my involvement with OBI. Bioesthetic dentistry is the ultimate in patient care because it addresses the stomatognathic system as a whole. One part is not independent of another and OBI teaches how it all works together – the brain, cranial nerves, muscles, TMJ and teeth. This systemic approach has allowed me to restore mouths that, in the past, would have seemed impossible. To put it plainly, Bioesthetic dentistry just makes sense — it is the truth. ”
Hal Stewart Flower Mound, Texas