Online Education

online education

OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry offers a combination of hands-on and online education to train dental practitioners, specialists and technicians. A whole range of educational videos focused on the basic principles of Bioesthetic Dentistry, the treatment of patients with different needs etc. is available. Access to the course library is restricted to Academy Members, however, several videos may be accessed to get an idea of the benefits offered through membership.

Please view the two videos below for an introduction to Bioesthetics.



You do not know what you do not see.  This educational experience will allow you to diagnose and treat parients to optimum health.  Karen S, DMD

The process of learning Bioesthetics® is seeing things that you never saw before.  Going from unconsciously incompetent to consciously incompetent to consciously competent.  Having to do and present a case makes all the difference in the world.    Looking forward to more insights in our future with Bioesthetics®.    David R.  DMD