“The training I have received has brought every aspect of my day to day practice of dentistry into a logical cohesive focus. For the first time, my dental school education, which emphasized how to repair tooth pathology one tooth at a time, has been extended to understanding, diagnosing, repairing and most importantly preventing pathology of the entire dentognathic system. OBI could be called a "Finishing school" for dentists. ”
Stephen Phillips DMD Medford, Oregon
“I am a restorative dentist and owner of a small private practice in Seattle. I have been able to sustain a viable non-insurance dependent, high touch service, patient centered practice thanks to my involvement with the Schuster Center, Mastery Company and OBI. My OBI journey started in 2009. At that time I had been in private practice for 10 years and as a Schuster Center Alumni I had worked on clarifying my purpose and vision for my practice and life. I wanted to create a practice that was truly patient centered, a place where faster, busier was not better but where relationships mattered. I was creating the structures in my practice to support the high-level communication and organization needed to offer complete diagnosis and comprehensive treatment. I had completed numerous technical curriculums Spears, Dawson and Kois. Although I intellectually understood the importance of condylar stabilization and anterior guidance something was still missing. I had so many patients in night guards, just holding them because I did not feel confident with the methods I learned. Stabilizing the joint with a deprogrammer or bi-manually manipulating the mandible, I kept looking at my mounted models and kept questioning it. I needed something that would bridge the gap between what I understood to what I could make real with my hands. I shared some of my concerns with a colleague and that is when I was first introduced to OBI. OBI was that missing link. The difference that I experienced with OBI was their hands-on, principles-based approach to learning. Each student was required to select, diagnosis, treatment plan and complete treatments through the course in order to present your final case for graduation. I graduated level IV in 2012 and the return on my investment with OBI is priceless. I had that “aha” moment where everything clicked. "I understand this and I can do this". I can help my patients. I can offer my patients something more than just a night guard. Comfort, function, beauty, confidence, health, balance and harmony. OBI is a very special because of the people involved with the organization. When you get like-minded individuals together magic happens and our patients are well served. Authenticity and transparency is key to learning. I have been involved with the organization since graduation and continue to serve because I love OBI and its people. ”
Dr. Sue Vetter
“What does OBI mean to me. On so many different levels OBI means a great deal. From a technical perspective I have never found anything that prepared me to diagnose and treat failing chewing systems with ANY degree of complexity than Bioesthetics™. The three principles of Bioesthetics™ are my dental bible. I always know where I want to go and that makes finding my way a much simpler process. Another wonderful aspect of OBI is being part of the teaching faculty. I truly enjoy helping others on their journey. On a more spiritual level, if you will, being a part of the OBI family has been a great opportunity to meet and become close friends with some wonderful, wonderful people. Bioesthetics demands such dedication to learn and really practice that when you are side by side with other Bioesthetic dentists there is a real sense of fraternity and loyalty. It’s the best! ”
Dr. Bill Gerace
“OBI has changed my life, my attitude, my understanding of what I’m doing in the mouth. Thank God for the genius of Dr. Lee and your commitment to teaching it. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to learn the philosophy an implement it in my practice. ”
Michael S. Patner, DDS, PT San Mateo, California