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Corporate Support Committee Chairman

Owner / Operator of Orofacial Biesthetics Dental Laboratory as well as Art and Science Dental Technology Learning Center in Mesa, Arizona.

Member of NADL for 35 years. OBI Alumni since 2001. Corporate Support Committee Chair since OBI Foundation Inception. Degree in Dental Technology from Hoppenlau Schule, Stuttgart, Germany, 1975. She served as trainer and technical trouble shooter for Pentron ceramics as well as R&D for may of Pentron products since 1996. She contributed to the development of several Pentron ceramics and other dental materials.

Ana conducted classes and seminars, national and internationally since 1977, on anterior esthetics and incorporating techniques of Mr. Willie Geller and her own material science and development insight. Received her Degree in Education from Pedagoska Skola in Zagreb, Croatia 1970. Studied Preforming and Visual arts from throughout Europe and US. During the Balkan war she and Mr. Penich served as Caritas volunteers, mobilizing her local community in providing medical aid and supplies to an orphanage founded by Mother Theresa in war torn Croatia in early 1992 and was involved in other humanitarian efforts! Her belief in Divine plan and her Jesuit Formation rules every aspect of her life.

“Pro Deo et Patria”
She is a proud Mother and devoted Grandparent. In their spare time they enjoy traveling and tracing their ancestral roots.
She was inspired by Dr. Lee's vision to save the children and made it her mission. Her commitment and the Divine plan with support of Dr Benson and Dr. Mary Burns, led her to Roth Williams Society where she enjoys helping and mentoring Doctors on their Bioesthetic Orthodontic journey. She wishes to acknowledge Dr. Domingo Martin’s efforts in spreading the bioesthetic message in her native part of the world.

Her Motto is “to leave the world a better place for our children”.